Our vision

Carbon removal
is ready to scale.


We help our customers durably and effectively remove carbon, and deploy investor capital into key carbon management areas.

Carbon Direct is both a strategic advisor to partners with carbon removal commitments and an investor combining human and financial capital to scale carbon removal, reduction, and use.

Our unique approach combines scientific and financial expertise to simultaneously build demand and supply, while lowering the cost of negative emissions and scaling the industry. 



We are building the negative emissions industry.

We address the supply and demand challenge through two different channels: our Investment Fund and Strategic Advisory business. Our businesses connect climate commitments and investor demand with the growing world of negative emissions.

Carbon Direct hosts the world’s foremost carbon removal scientists who work cross-functionally across both businesses. This scientific pedigree is critical to understand the true risks, opportunities, limitations, and implications of various technologies, and our team of scientists forms the foundation of our organization. 



Our fund addresses what we believe is an attractive investment opportunity, by capitalizing and supporting companies building the negative emissions industry.

Our investment team has the private equity, project finance and commodity investing expertise required to intelligently deploy capital into this growing space. We combine this pedigree with a foundational understanding of industry dynamics.


Our Strategic Advisory business helps customers fulfill their carbon removal commitments through partnering with negative emissions technology vendors and project developers that provide durable and verifiable solutions.

Our customers include Fortune 500 companies and sovereign wealth funds who have made bold climate commitments, and who have now turned to Carbon Direct to connect their ambitious targets, through the products described below, with solutions that meet their respective requirements.


Allocating investor capital to companies building the carbon management value chain.

The leading companies in the carbon management landscape need strategic capital to help them fulfill their enormous potential. We rely on our team’s scientific pedigree, commodities experience, and investment rigor to address the investment universe.

Our Strategic Advisory business gives us unparalleled insight into the industry’s dynamics, and supports the techno-economic analysis at the core of our investment process. We believe our fund is perfectly positioned to deploy capital into this growing space.

Facilitating your purchase of carbon removal today, tomorrow, and into the future as the landscape continues to evolve.

We first provide a Landscape Overview for customers who are new to the carbon removal space and would like to better understand the variety of natural, engineered, hybrid, and frontier solutions available.

We then construct a custom portfolio tailored to customer needs. In doing so, we consider factors such as scalability, cost drivers, storage, and commercial readiness. We provide actionable portfolios of real carbon removal.

We recently completed a similar project with our partner, Shopify.

Empowering you to understand the environmental impact that different technologies or projects actually deliver.

Life cycle assessments (LCAs) are an essential tool in estimating the efficacy of CO2 removal methods, avoiding waste, and maximizing benefit to the environment. However, it is difficult to review and compare diverse LCAs across carbon removal verticals. In order to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the carbon removal potential across verticals and projects within each vertical, Carbon Direct has created a tool that allows customers to calculate the total net removal, defined as the emissions that stem from conducting a project minus the emissions that are removed from the atmosphere or oceans. By providing a full accounting of GHG emissions across the life cycle of a project, this tool allows us to (1) do the carbon math, (2) define ‘quality supply,’ and (3) estimate a carbon return on investment.

Informing your climate strategies by providing a real-time and evolving picture of supply, demand, and viability of purchasing options.

How much carbon removal is available for purchase today and in the future? What is the quality of available supply? How much is available for each removal method? How much does it cost?

These questions require analysis across and within carbon removal verticals to inform costing benchmarks for carbon removal supply ($/tCO2 at present and forward cost curves). Decision makers need to grasp the dynamics of supply and demand in order to deliver on their commitments, and we empower them with these data.

Constructing and facilitating RFP processes for carbon removal projects that meet your specific needs.

Carbon Direct can develop and structure an RFP process for an entity to secure carbon removal tonnage based on the best available science and our own internal standards for what constitutes a high-quality project.

We also assist in reviewing proposals submitted in response to the RFP and make recommendations that distinguish between varying levels of ‘quality supply.’

We recently completed a similar project with our partner, Microsoft.


Assisting you in the development of key projects and/or partnerships by providing detailed analyses and facilitating meaningful relationships with carbon removal providers.

Carbon Direct conducts individual company analyses on behalf of customers as they explore the possibility of launching significant projects. The analysis is highly technical in nature, covering aspects of a company’s technology, including engineering components (e.g., capture materials), integrated system performance and cost, supply chain readiness, and scalability.

In addition, through a techno-economic analysis, we assess the company’s business model, including projects under development, potential applications, and corporate partnerships. To the extent customer appetite exists to delve deeper into the space, we are there to steward and support their efforts.