Embed carbon management into everything you do

With quality offset & removal supply connected to automated purchasing, embed our science-backed offsets into your operations and supply chain with the Carbon Direct Platform.

Science-backed portfolios

Trusted portfolios reviewed and validated by our team of 40+ of the world’s leading carbon scientists

High quality supply

Access volumes of high-quality, diverse tonnes available through Carbon Direct portfolios

Easy-to-use platform

Seamlessly purchase, monitor, and report on carbon removals in one, intuitive platform

Decarbonize your operations with the Carbon Direct API

For Buyers

Integrate carbon programs into your platform

Build, run, and scale carbon programs that are seamlessly integrated with your product. Enable your customers and suppliers to purchase tonnes against your selected portfolio inventory. 

Key Features: 

  • Rolling portfolios with seamless replenishment
  • Support of one-time customer transactions or subscription programs
  • Traceable credit retirement verification
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For Suppliers

Join our database and reach buyers at scale

Fill out our Supplier Intake Form to get started. Our science team will review your application against our quality criteria. If your project meets our criteria, you can be included in our aggregate portfolios for buyer purchasing.